The Queen Has Spoken . . .

"The Power of Social Media" Reuniting and Preserving Memories

What could I expect when I reunited with three former classmates from 40 years ago? Social Media had reunited us, but emails and quick posts could only go so far. We were pre-teen girls when we had last “hung out.”  Those lost years dropped in an instant when we were finally face to face embracing after so long. Of course the cameras were shuttering fast and furious, group selfies, short videos, and our indulgent husbands complied with hundreds of group photos. This took 8 months of planning for just 8 hours together and then “poof” back to reality. A reality that means we are thousands of miles apart.

What makes any wonderful event precious is when these memories are triggered. Social media will send you a reminder once a year, photo albums are usually buried and collecting dust, but a few memories of friends, a once in a life time trip or a special event, can always be there if we can just find a way to keep them near. Many family memories start as a conversation in the kitchen. What if that origin of vacation or birthday party plans could hold a gallery of memories to always remind us that there is more to come?

That gallery is the refrigerator and all it needs is memories on Photo Magnets.

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there !"  -- unknown


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