Childhood Wedding Magnets From Your Childhood Photos

Here is where our design team really shines.    
Our Childhood Save the Date Magnets are a truly unique one-of-kind masterpiece.

This style is a creation of photos from your childhood. The photos are morphed together through a
seamless transition. Creating the illusion you were together when you were toddlers or youngsters .

Childhood Wedding Magnets can be ordered by Phone and Online. You will talk directly with a knowledgeable
consultant to discuss the full details in creating your Save the Dates.

Once all of the details are outlined, you will forward your photos by E-Mail or US Mail. All photos, sent
by US Mail, are returned with your magnet order.

Design Fee - $75.00 1st Design with revisions.
                                                                        (Discounts do not apply to this design fee)