Hey there !! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we make Photo Magnets and as you can see a Premium Quality one. 

Since 1998 MAGNETQUEEN has taken great pride in turning photos into lasting memories.

Our top quality and timely distribution has made us a leading provider of Photo Magnets to Individuals,  Event Planners, Online Photo Sites, Professional Photographers and many more. We don't just manufacture magnets, we create memories that last a lifetime and beyond. Just
one magnet, from that special 
moment or many magnets for that special occasion. We deliver a product with high standards.

Our mission is to become your primary source for Photo Magnets, while delivering the best Photo Magnets at the best price.  Customer
Service and Quality Products 
are our top priorities. We take great pride in the fact that our magnets are made in the USA. We manufacture
our Photo Magnets with 100% USA made materials.

Question? We can be reached by 
                                             E-MAIL     photos@magnetqueen.com
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So, please explore our web site, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.